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Chris Cordery was a prefect and Head Boy when at school in Reading.  He later qualified as a teacher and taught Mathematics and Physical Education in inner-city secondary schools in Nottingham before joining the Royal Air Force.

Chris has always been interested in sport and mountaineering and climbed extensively in the UK, Alps and in the Himalaya. It was in this context that he became particularly interested in leadership and the characteristics of successful teams.

Having left the RAF in 2001, Chris now runs his own training, development and coaching company, from which over the past 15 years he has provided Prefect courses for dozens of schools and hundreds of students.

Chris not only provides training for students chosen as school prefects, he also gives advice to schools on how to select and train their prefects and how to run ‘prefect systems’.  His expertise in the subject was acknowledged in September 2010 when he was used as a source of reference when the Sunday Telegraph ran an article with the title 'A Passion for a Prefect Education'.

Further information can be found about the full range of services that Chris provides through his company, via his website

Alternatively, if you would like to speak with Chris directly, please call him on 01733 764179. He is always willing to listen to other people’s ideas and experiences and to provide advice when asked.

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