Read about our Perfect Prefect Teachers' Pack and Belbin Team Roles for young people too


Read about our Perfect Prefect self-study booklet

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If you wish to run our highly successful Perfect Prefect course using in-house resources our Teachers’ Pack does the design work for you.  It is 40 pages and contains guidance, ideas and practical exercises.  You can follow our course from beginning to end, or just pick out the parts that are most relevant for your particular students.  The pack contains activity templates that you can print and use instantly.

You can download a sample here >> and the full version is available for £100.  It can be purchased using the 'order' tab above and we'll send you the full pdf version straight away.

We also provide Belbin Team roles profiles under the Get Set scheme which is specifically designed for young people.  You can read more details here >> and see an example of a personal profile report here >>.


If you are a student and you have been selected to be a Prefect, you will probably realise that it can be a challenging role.  Our Perfect Prefect self-study booklet contains 30 pages of advice to help you learn the main points. It is an easy read and full of practical exercises. 

If you would like to see the style before you think about buying it, you can download a sample here >>.

The full version costs £35 and can be purchased using the 'order' tab above.  Once payment is made we will send you a pdf version by e-mail.

We know from experience that there are two things many newly appointed Prefects find particularly daunting.  As a result we have written short, easy to read booklets that will help you greatly. They are:

  • How to Communicate Effectively (17 pages)

  • How to be Assertive (13 pages)

They are available for £15 each and can be bought via the 'order' tab above.  Once payment is made we will send you pdf versions by e-mail.
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