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1.  Training courses for school Prefects

2.  Resources for teaching staff

3.  Resources for Prefects

4.  Advice for teachers setting up or     refreshing their Prefect systems


We have trained and developed hundreds of Prefects in UK schools and colleges of all kinds over the past 15 years.

Our resource material has been purchased by schools and individual Prefects all over the world.

Being appointed as a school Prefect is a great honour, but it is a challenging role that requires training, advice and support. 

Whilst schools have a key role in developing their Prefects and helping them to be confident and effective, this website provides advice and access to further support to both teaching staff and individual Prefects.

Different schools choose different times of the year to select, appoint and prepare their Prefects in readiness for taking up their roles. 

Whatever time is right at your school we have resources available to make your life easier.  You can find further details elsewhere in this website

Independent of us, have you looked at this website:

How to be a Good Prefect


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